Climber’s Paradise

Your fantasy come true! From bouldering to sport climbing, we have it all! Our colourful routes are just waiting for you to be solved! Come and see for yourself!


No Where To Go But Up


Not just a sport

Climbing isn’t just a physical sport, its also a mental game. Brute strength won’t get you anywhere, you also have to know where exactly to place your next moves as well.


A new way to stay in shape

Here at Verm, we have the latest and greatest facilities for you on your journey to climbing greatness. You’ll never be bored climbing with our digitally augmented wall or our Moonboard, where you can test your limits.


So you want to get serious

With our professionally trained coaches, moving up the climbing grades will be a flash! Enroll in a couple classes and you’ll start seeing yourself getting stronger and improve tenfold!


Be A Kid Again

Relive your youth as we’ve have climbing fun for all ages! With our Clip N’ Climb, we’ve made it easy for all age groups to start climbing!