How do I get to Verm City?

Verm City is just a short walk away from the Quarry Bay MTR station.

Take Exit C at the station and head towards Java Road, its just a 5 minute walk!

We’re located on the 4th floor of the Kodak House 1.


Are you guys open during Amber, Red, or Black Rain?

Yes, Verm City will still be open during Amber/Red/Black Rainstorms.

What should I be wearing when I climb?

Please wear comfortable sport wear when climbing at Verm City.

If you are climbing at our bouldering wall, please wear rock climbing shoes. If you do now have your own pair of climbing shoes, we offer rental shoes for use. Outside shoes are NOT allowed.

Our Clip N’ Climb side requires our climbers to wear non-marking sport shoes.

Is there parking?

There is no parking available.

How old does my child have to be to start climbing?

Here at Verm City, we recommend that young climbers should start at the age of 4.

We do not recommend and do not accept climbers younger than the age of 4.

Do you take Octopus payments?

We currently only accept Cash, EPS, & Credit Card payments.

What is there to do at Verm City?


Whether its on our bouldering side or the Clip N’ Climb side, our main focus is climbing!

What is the difference between Rock Climbing & Clip N’ Climb?

Here at Verm City we are primarily split into two different sides, our Clip N’ Climb side is dedicated to fun introduction to climbing. While our bouldering side is a more intense and technical aspect of rock climbing.

We suggest you take a Beginner 101 class before you start climbing on the bouldering side if you have no previous experience.

Do I have to buy a ticket if I’m just supervising?

We allow one adult (per child ticket) to go in and supervise if the child is under the age of 12.

If your child is over the age of 12 and you still want to go in to supervise, tickets will be $90 for supervision only.

Is there a Safety Briefing for Clip N’ Climb?

Yes. There is a mandatory safety briefing at 15 & 45 past every hour, for BOTH new and returning climbers. If you miss the safety briefing, you must wait for the next briefing.

Are adults allowed to play on the Clip N’ Climb side?

Of course!

I purchased a day pass, can I leave and come back later?

After purchasing a day pass, you can leave and come back later in the same day/close of business at your choosing.

Can I use loose chalk on the Bouldering side?

Verm City is aiming for a dust-free climbing environment. We no longer allow the use of loose chalk. Please use liquid chalk.

Liquid chalk can be rented or bought here at Verm City.

Can I bring food?

Outside food is allowed, as long as it does not disturb other climbers and clean up after yourselves.

Food is not allowed in the actual climbing areas.

Can I host a private party at Verm City?

Private parties/corporate events can be held at Verm City.

For inquires, please email partyteam@vermcity.com or call us at (852) 2560 8128.

Does my ticket at Verm City include Ryze entry as well?

Verm City is an independent company and not affiliated with Ryze.