Terms & Policies

Personal Responsibilities

Indoor rock climbing and bouldering involves certain inherent risks. It is the participant’s responsibility to understand these risks and make the decision to participate. At Verm City, all climbers and boulderers must acknowledge these risks and take personal responsibility for their own safety by signing our acknowledgement of Risk agreement.

General Rules & Regulations

All climbers must check in at the front desk before entering the climbing area.  

  1. All climbers must have a valid waiver.  Minors, below 12 years old, MUST need a parent or guardian to sign on their wavier also.

  2. For minors who comes alone, they MUST bring a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

  3. Parents are responsible for their children. Children under the age of 12 must either have adult supervision or be a participant in a Verm City class.

  4. Equipment: 

    - Harnesses must be commercial products designed for climbing. Rescue, tree and fire equipment is not permitted.

    - Climbers may use their own helmets.

    - All helmets must be CE or UIAA approved for climbing. Non-climbing helmets, such as bicycle or ski helmets, are not permitted.

    - Climbers may use their own belay devices.

  5. Climbing shoes must be worn. No barefoot climbing, open-toed sandals, hiking boots or hard soled shoes.

  6. No climbing with personal stereos, iPods, etc.

  7. Participants will be charged for unreturned rental equipment.

  8. No teaching or instructing except by Verm City staff.

  9. Verm City is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

  10. Water in “sport bottles” is allowed in the climbing area. No other food, drinks or gum are allowed on the padded landing surface.

  11. Drugs, alcohol or objectionable language are not permitted. We are a PG-13 facility. Offenders may be removed without refund.

  12. Verm City reserves the right to expel any participant judged unsafe or objectionable to other customers. Offenders may be removed without refund.


The bouldering terrain at Verm City is radical. As such, boulderers must take responsibility for not climbing beyond their ability, ensuring their own safety and the safety of others in the bouldering area.

  1. Bouldering is only allowed in the bouldering area unless bouldering problems are set elsewhere and mats are in place.  Traversing is allowed anywhere, but never over head-high.

  2. Bouldering with harnesses is not permitted.

  3. Never boulder underneath anybody else.

  4. Small mats should be positioned over the spaces outside the large grey mat.  Never move mats when someone is climbing.

  5. Minors MUST have an adult as a spotter.

  6. Climbers are responsible for appointing their own spotters.  And Spotter is a MUST for climbers.

  7. Climbers should always assess their comfort level in spotting another climber, or in being spotted. Nobody is ever obligated to spot!

Sport Climbing

All climbers must pass a test by a Verm City staff member before top-rope belaying, lead belaying or lead climbing.

  1. All climbers must wear climbing shoes while climbing. The use of shoes, boots, crampons, etc. that may damage walls, floors, etc. is not permitted. Climbing barefoot is also NOT allowed.

  2. Climbers are encouraged to stretch and loosen or warm up prior to climbing.

  3. Please avoid stepping on the ropes.

  4. Climb Safe! All climbers must use a belayer-check-climber and climber-check-belayer system before every climb. Check each other’s harness, knot, belay device and anchor.

  5. Climb Safe! Always use standard climbing commands.

  6. Climbers should never climb faster than the belayer can keep the rope secure. The belayer should let them know if they need to slow down.

  7. Please stay on line, on route and avoid crossing other ropes. Climbers should never climb directly above or below others on the wall.

  8. Remove all jewelry, watches, keys, etc. These objects can cause injury and break. They are also bad for the crash pads!

  9. Don’t bogart that rope! If you and you partner have climbed the route, give the rope to those waiting.

  10. Keep your eyes open! We encourage experienced climbers to help new climbers.

Clip N’ Climb

Ages & Supervision

  1. All children under 1.1m  must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. Drop-offs are not permitted except for parties and supervised activities.

  2. Children 12 and under are restricted to the Training Room unless under direct, one-on-one adult supervision. “Direct” means either within arm’s length or on belay.

  3. Leaving unaccompanied children behind in the gym is NOT permitted. If you bring more than one child please plan accordingly!

Kids Climbing

Rules & Etiquette

  1. Swinging from the ropes or pulling them is never permitted.

  2. No one under age 12 is allowed in the bouldering area unless participating in a Verm City class or under parent's supervision.

  3. Running and unsupervised roaming are not permitted.  This rule will be strictly enforced.

  4. No food or drinks in the climbing area. Water in “sport bottles” is allowed.

  5. Please use your “indoor voice” in the main climbing area.

  6. When sport climbing, please exercise restraint in selecting routes. If other climbers are waiting and the climber can’t make the climb in a couple attempts please move on to another route.