Olympic Climbing Summer Camp


Below are the available classes and dates for our Olympic Climbing Camp

Limited time only: Week of June 24th - August 19th


For youths aged 5-14, we offer experiential learning aimed at creating a love of movement, improved climbing skills, a sense of community and, most importantly, a fun learning experience.

Participants will be introduced to the three different disciplines of rock climbing that will be included in the 2020 Olympic Games,allowing them to take on the challenges and joys that climbing has to offer.

Camps will start from June 24th and will finish in the week of August 19th. Each camp will last for six hours over three days (two hours per day).

Regular Price $1500.


2 People is only $1100 per person!
3 People is just $1033 per person!

There are two different structures:

  • Group 1: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

  • Group 2: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Four different time slots are available for each group:

  • A: 10am - 12pm

  • B: 12pm - 2pm

  • C: 2pm - 4pm

  • D: 4pm - 6PM

General structure of the Olympic Climbing Camp:

  • Day 1: Enjoy the 21 Clip N’ Climb games and projector wall

  • Day 2: Learn the basics of bouldering, how to use rock climbing shoes and how to maintain balance on the wall

  • Day 3: Enjoy the thrill of rope climbing

Please note:

For the booking belong, the class that you pick is for the three classes that week!