da Verm - Est. 2011

We created the first full facility rock climbing gym in Hong Kong. From bouldering, lead climbing, and top rope. It was here where we first introduced rock climbing to the public masses as a regular sport. We had transformed an extreme sport to a more suitable activity for all to enjoy.

我們在2011年開設了香港首間有完善攀石設施的室內攀石場。 由抱石到運動攀登, 我們首次將攀石這項極限運動以安全的方式介紹給香港人。


Verm City - Est. 2017

With our second gym, we introduced the fun climbing system, Clip N’ Climb to the public. Changing the climbing game again for a younger generation. We also installed the first national standard bouldering wall system in Hong Kong.

Designed and built by Entreprises. We are also the first gym with the augmented wall system in Hong Kong. Giving rock climbing a fun and interactive new twist.

在2017年,隨著Verm City的開業, 我們從紐西蘭引入Clip N’ Climb, 以遊戲的方式將攀石推動到更年輕的層次,讓小朋友也可以體驗攀石這項運動, 從小培育他們對攀石的興趣。

我們也是全港首間使用附合國際標準攀石牆的窒內攀石場,由法國公司Entreprises設計及裝設。Verm City也是首間將擴增實景攀石牆引入香港,將攀石這項運動提升到另一個層次, 可以以玩樂的方式來享受攀石。



Awards - 得獎

We’ve been the proud recipient of the Yellow Pages Award for “The Best Rock Climbing Venue Award” and also the “Leaders of Innovation Award 2019”.

我們在2018年由香港黃頁舉辦的"港人港情品牌大獎2018-2019"中, 榮獲"最佳攀石活動場地品牌大獎"。


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