Start booking for Clip N’ Climb sessions, Rock Climbing Classes, or Kid Classes below


RC Kids

For kids ages 6-12, we’re bringing kids a new perspective on bouldering with our augmented climbing wall and our kids section climbing wall. Instructors will be available to help kids with their climbing technique.

Olympic Climbing Summer Camp

For youths aged 5-14, we offer experiential learning aimed at creating a love of movement, improved climbing skills, a sense of community and, most importantly, a fun learning experience.


Olympic Climbing

Summer Camp

Clip N’ Climb

Clip N’ Climb

Join us for a fun Clip N’ Climb session, the perfect activity for ages 4 and up! With over 15 different games just waiting for you, what are you waiting for?

Make sure to make your bookings early, as the Clip N’ Climb tends to be quite busy.

Bookings must be made 24 hours before the time slot you choose.

Kid Classes

Start them young! We offer classes to children, giving them a fun and intense climbing experience. Perfect for them to challenge themselves.

We offer classes to two age groups, ages 4-7 and ages 8-12.


Kid Classes


Climbing Classes

Climbing Classes

Whether you’re looking to start climbing or you want to improve on your skills, we have the classes for you!

We offer Beginner Classes 101,102 & 103, Intermediate Classes 201, 202, 203, & Advance 301.

We also offer Leading and Top Roping Classes, Power Training and Finger Training.